“Download our app for drink specials”

Discounts. Drink Specials. $15 jugs of cider. $3 Glass House wines.

These are just a few of the many words we love to hear when we go to a pub, a bar or a club. But, of course, surprise, surprise, there is a catch. In order to get our drink specials, we have to download their app or ‘like’ their Facebook page. Now, we all know that by the time we rock up to the pub or club, we’re already sort of intoxicated (I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves doing pre’s), so convincing us to download the app is too easy. We show them we downloaded the app and we get our drink specials.


Sounds easy? I reckon it is. But there’s more to it.

You see, some pubs have already recognised that by getting us to download their app for a drink special was seen as an incentive. So they thought why not take it to the next level and make it into a whole new business.

What do I mean by that?

Instead of just making it a one time thing, these pubs want to make it a regular occurrence in which you have to keep going back to the app to retrieve your drink special. Pubs such as The Malvern Vale Hotel and The Royal Derby Hotel are great examples of this mobile app marketing strategy such that they have adopted a reward point system. You could choose any of the options to earn points and once you have accumulated enough points, you can finally retrieve a reward (and get drunk).

Sound like a long process? Let me show you a step by step of it.

Step 1: Download app.


Step 2: Agree to Terms and Conditions & Connect to Facebook


Step 3: Get bombarded with pop-up notifications


Step 4: Make use of the app (or don’t)


As you can see, it already tells you to submit your mobile number to earn 7 reward points. This is just another incentive to kick start your points.

Step 5: Earn points

Other ways to earn points is by checking in, inviting friends, taking a photo with the app and sharing the app.


Step 6: Redeem points

Once you have earned your points, you can finally redeem them. Such rewards are:

IMG_3987              IMG_3991

So why do marketers get you to go through this whole process of downloading the app and following all these steps?

It is because they want you to engage with the app, get use to it and soon enough like it. And when you do, you start to spread the word.  When that happens, they have succeeded in getting their brand name out in the public. Their brand awareness is extended not only to current customers but to future customers.

With that, I leave you with a question.

Is it worth going through this entire process just to get some sort of reward, be it tangible like a beer or intangible like customer satisfaction?


4 thoughts on ““Download our app for drink specials””

  1. Great post! Will have to download these apps I will shamelessly do almost anything for a cheap drink. That being said I would definitely go through this process for a reward, but only a tangible one. It seems like a lot of effort just for customer satisfaction, that’s the company’s job – not mine!!

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    1. Cheers Morgan! I have mates who continue to use these apps regularly and that they actually have the motivation to rack up as much points as they can, cause that just means MORE FREE BEER. But I definitely agree with you that it’s probably only worth it for a tangible reward.


  2. Hi Lesley. Reading this is making me thirsty! Haha but in all seriousness, as uni students we are the perfect target for this kind of marketing, and like Morgan, I will do anything for a free or cheap drink. I think it’s a great strategy to employ because the benefits are actually two-fold, not only are you giving them free promotion through your social media networks, they are also getting access to a lot of your info that they can use for future marketing campaigns, digital or otherwise. It’s also a great source of demographic data, if you have to indicate what suburb you live in etc, they can gauge the geographic distribution of their customers which helps to determine, say, where physical advertising like posters, mail-outs etc are best focused. I think the point of this rambling comment is that a) This will only work if your target are cheap skates like students and b) it is well worth offering the freebies/discounts for the reward, so they should be offering big!


  3. Great description, Lesley, of a clever implementation to scrape demographic data from consumers with minimal effort. If the rewards are worth it, consumers will keep providing more and more information. I look forward to reading future blog posts from you this semester.


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