Pinterest VS Instagram

So let’s pretend we’ve graduated from university (God aren’t we praying for that) and are now marketers in a company. We were assigned a task to start up the company’s social networking sites. There we are thinking to ourselves:

  • What social media platforms should we choose?
  • Which is the best platform that allows us to further our reach with customers and interact with them more personally?

At the very least, we would adopt the “The Big 3“.

1) Facebook    2) Twitter    3) LinkedIn


This is a graph of a representation of businesses using social networking sites.

(Graph from

However, although it is obvious to invest in The Big 3,  3000 marketers have stated that the future of marketing is visual. It is such that consumers prefer visual content to text. Thus, marketers start to look at social media that is more visual and is predominantly made up of pictures and videos. So let’s look at Pinterest and Instagram.


Now I know you’re thinking… Aren’t they the same thing??

The answer is not quite. Despite them both being visual content-sharing platforms, they actually offer vastly different objectives to marketers. Now let’s compare them.


🙂 Made up of pictures and videos that enable consumers to ‘like’, comment and share content easily

🙂 Simple to use and easily accessible on smartphones and tablets

🙂 Has 200million monthly active users as opposed to Pinterest with only 70 million users

🙂 Allows brands to tag locations

😦 Doesn’t allow users to link websites in captions. Consumers must manually copy and paste the URL.


🙂 “Pin it” button allows consumers to share the content they like and found interesting

🙂 “Repin” button allows consumers to further share content

🙂 Images and websites can be linked to specific pages

😦 Does not allow much conversation between users and with the brand itself

😦 About 80% are female users. Thus, brands who are targeting males will find it challenging.

All in all, there are  pros and cons with Instagram and Pinterest. But at the end of the day, the decision is based upon marketers  fully understanding their marketing and communication objectives and how these social media platforms  allow them to achieve the goals. If a company was looking for greater interaction with customers, Instagram is their answer. If they are looking to increase brand awareness and sales, then Pinterest is the way to go.

With that, I leave you with a question.

As a business relatively new to social media, which of these two (Pinterest or Instagram) is a more effective  investment?



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