‘Cars that feel’

In most car advertisements, it’s about incorporating a cheesy theme, showcasing the car’s features and making it seem like its the car to have. As much as we love (or hate) watching these ads, Toyota went about showcasing their cars in a much more innovative way.

So what did they do?

Toyota partnered with Soap Creative to create an innovative campaign called “Cars that feel” that revolved around their Prius cars. This campaign was presented this year at Vivd festival in Sydney and was displayed at the south end of the Harbour Bridge.

What was this campaign about?

Toyota modified 3 Prius cars into sentient beings that would respond emotionally to human interaction. Instead of simply just showing the cars, they transformed the cars to be like human by naming them Peter, Vicky and Carly.

  Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 4.17.52 pm Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 4.17.48 pm

Each car had an individual and unique personality that would ask the audience for hugs, tickles, kisses and even a selfie to be taken. In addition, the cars engaged with audience by portraying different emotions on the screen of the car. Different colours represented different emotions such that pink was love, purple was excited and green was happy.

To further humanise the cars, each car even had its own Twitter and Instagram accounts. This involved the audience to jump on to the respective social media accounts to share their pictures, retweet tweets and even get tips on navigation to the festival itself. In addition, the tag #carsthatfeel was integrated throughout both social media accounts to further engage the audience.

IMG_4636      IMG_4641     IMG_4639

 What was the aim behind this campaign?

Toyota wanted to increase the innovative perception of the Prius cars. With that, this campaign encompassed experiential marketing to engage the audience. It was such that it involved the audience to involve as many of the human senses as possible. It was about getting them to interact with the cars in a much different way than you normally would. This is so that the audience would have a memorable interaction and experience that would hopefully generate customer loyalty and a positive perception of the Prius brand. Also, through the use of experiential marketing, it can increase brand awareness and create a positive relationship with current and future customers.

Overall, this was a very successful campaign as it was the winner of IAB Australia’s creative showcase and had a bout 1.8m Prius interactions over the duration of the campaign. There was also an estimated amount of 50,000 people who directly interacted with the cars and 200,000 people who viewed and observed them.

With that, in my opinion, if more brands were to incorporate experiential marketing into their marketing strategies, I would think it would change the entire perception of marketing. Being bombarded with ads is not fun, but having the ability to actually touch and interact with the product brings the experience to a whole new level.

Share your thoughts on experiential marketing and whether you think more brands should start incorporating it into their advertising.






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