GIFs are the way to go

We’ve all seen a GIF, whether it was something you saw on Facebook or had a friend show you one that they thought was the funniest thing on earth.

So what are they?

GIF is actually an acronym for Graphics Interchange Format and are basically images that are compressed into a small video that will loop… forever.

We all know GIFs to be something very informal, mostly used for humour. However, it is also recognised to be an ingenious tool for marketers to use. Instead of just simply posting an Instagram pic or uploading a Facebook post, why not use a GIF? If a picture speaks a thousand words, I reckon a GIF speaks a million or billion.

GIFs can be found on social media like Facebook, Tumblr and Reddit. But the most popular social media platform that makes use of GIFs would definitely be Twitter.

Now, let’s talk about some brands that have absolutely nailed it using GIFs as part of their marketing strategy.

I mean, who could ever resist a giant chocolate chip cookie. And we have to admit, that would probably be the amount of time it will take us to finish the chocolate chip cookie.

This is a personal favourite. I like to think of it as a GIF-ception. Am I right or am I right?

I mean come on, who wouldn’t want a cold beer on a Friday night. No, any day at any time.

Girls, we all know that’s exactly how we react to any sort of clothes sales.

These are just a few brands who have utilised GIFs to promote their brand and products. Through the use of these GIFs, it can generate more brand awareness. This is simply done by people retweeting or sharing the content and even through word-of-mouth as people share it with their friends. GIFs also does what any other sort of advertising would do, it shows off the product and brand. Maybe even in a more efficient and informal way in which consumers may appreciate a lot more than just traditional print or television advertising. Also, GIFs are really easy to consume. It is mainly graphics and it goes for a very short period of time, which means it will take little to no effort to process the GIF. Lastly, GIFs are able to portray the brand’s personality. In most cases, it’s about brands showcasing their creative, witty and humorous side.

With that, GIFs at the moment are not the top of pick by marketers, especially with high-end brands. However, there are definitely benefits and opportunities that GIFs can bring to a brand if used on the correct medium and to the right target audience.

To end off, I’m pretty sure this is how we feel right now, leading up to SWOT Vac.


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